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Welcome to the future: PRIVEDOC

Most times you see a doctor, they can give you all the help you need without travelling to a hospital. You can also visit our clinic in Lekki, or we can send a doctor straight to your home!

PriveDoc removes the need for you to travel to see a doctor. With PriveDoc’s technology you can see a doctor, get treated and access your prescriptions from your own home!

All of our Doctors & Specialists are handpicked locally and globally to provide you with only the best medical advice, wherever you are.

So what are you waiting for?

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PriveDoc allows you to video call with a doctor using your smartphone.

Just download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and you can see a doctor minutes later.

No waiting. no travelling.

Why PriveDoc

Same Day Appointments

Book an appointment with a local Doctor or Specialist for the same day. Anytime. Anywhere.

Prescriptions at The Touch of a Button

We work tirelessly to make your life easier. One way we try to help is by giving you access to prescriptions and repeat prescriptions via your smartphone.You can speak to one of our doctors to get a prescription at any time, alternatively you can use our automated Prescription service.

Access to The Highest Quality Healthcare

Our entire medical team are thoroughly vetted, with only the highest skilled Doctors and Specialists being selected to provide your services.

Access UK Doctors Just as Easily

We have also hand picked some of the UK’s finest Doctors and Specialists, accessible to you with just as much ease as local Doctors.

chat with a doctor

₦ 150

  • If you have questions you want to ask a doctor, live chat is the best option.
  • Get connected to one of our highly trained doctors instantly and get medical advice and suggestions on any issues or symptoms you may have.
  • Our knowledgeable doctors will spend time with you to diagnose and offer solutions for any problems you may have.
  • Click now for your 24/7 live chat with a doctor!

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₦ 1000

  • Video calling gives you the opportunity to see the doctor you are speaking with and get a much more detailed consultation.
  • They can visually see any issues which will help them give accurate diagnoses.
  • With the availability of doctors who have a working knowledge of 4 of the most commonly spoken languages in the country, this is an affordable and accessible option for anyone!
  • This option saves you wait times and long drives to clinics and hospitals while giving you the same high-quality service you would receive with in-person care.

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order your drugs

₦ 500

  • If you require any drugs, our doctors will write a prescription for you which can be used in any pharmacy, however for the full experience, you can order your prescription within the app, then use our sister company
  • LamjayHealth ( to have your drugs delivered directly to your home.

Order Drugs Now

  • How can I see a UK doctor using the PriveDoc App?

    Good Question!

    PriveDoc has selected some of the UK’s best doctors and medical specialists to be available to you 24/7. Instead of flying to the UK or USA to see a doctor, you can have a consultation with them from the comfort of your own home on your smartphone. A prescription for any medication needed can be sent to you, and if you need a face to face follow up, we can arrange that too.

  • Why use PriveDoc instead of going to the hospital?

    This is the exact question we asked ourselves before creating PriveDoc. It turns out that a Doctor can diagnose 95{db49c68fe4848a7455bcedc0308b5d00b2442c0a0adc0eef733c8f9002a45b13} of patients without seeing them in person. That means 19 times out of 20, you don’t actually need to go to a doctor to be diagnosed and receive treatment. PriveDoc not only allows you to see a doctor from the comfort of your own home, it means you no longer have to wait, you can see a doctor instantly!

    To sum up, PriveDoc is cheaper, faster, more efficient, and easier than traditional methods of getting treatment!

  • Are my payment details safe?

    Absolutely! We never compromise anyone personal details! You can rest assured that we never sell or pass on any of your personal details to anyone. We use latest technology and security standards to ensure all of your data is kept private and secure.

    PriveDoc takes information governance and the security of patient data extremely seriously. It is at the heart of everything that we do. ​

  • Do i need to save my card details on your app to book an appointment?

    Not at all. We offer you the ability to save your card details to make your life easier. But if you prefer not to, that’s absolutely fine too.